Company Overview

We have two businesses: legacy infrastructure operations and cannabis-pharmaceuticals.

Legacy infrastructure operations: In 2008 we started our infrastructure business, which consists of commodity trading (steel, ore, building materials, among others), heavy construction equipment leasing, and real estate management.  We operate the infrastructure business between India, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

Cannabis based pharmaceuticals: In 2013 we started exploring opportunities in the then nascent and emerging cannabis industry as a way to become a first mover in this exciting business segment.  We first established ourselves on the West Coast of the U.S. and set up operations in Washington State.  As we studied the industry, we learned everything from growing marijuana (indoor, outdoor, LED HPLC, organic, soil, & hydroponics) to extraction, testing, strain management, creating new hybrids, products like tincture, infused products, and many of the other subtleties. We recruited and enlisted some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and innovative individuals in the cannabis and other closely related industries like pharmaceuticals and natural products.

The breath and depth of our team’s collective knowledge is unrivaled.

Our team has filed seven cannabis-based patents addressing various ailments and expect to make our most advanced and promising formulation, Hyalolex for Alzheimer’s, available to patients in select U.S. states in early 2018. Our formulation, Hyalolex, has been shown to address the primary indicators of Alzheimer’s, plaques and tangles, as well as alleviate several end points of the disease like anxiety and sleep disorders. Hyalolex achieves this without patients getting high, or suffering long-term damage to neurons.


Future Canna-Pharma Milestones


Goal: Establish sales outlets for canna-pharmaceutical products

Expand the marketing of Hyalolex to 10 states in the U.S.

Expand the marketing of Hyalolex to Canada and Germany.

File ANDA with the FDA for Natrinol.

File FDA clinical trial for Hyalolex

Finalize Serosapse for Parkinson’s disease.

Introduce Serosapse into test markets.

File patents on two new products.


Goal: Grow sales outlets for products

Expand Hyalolex and Serosapse to all medical cannabis states in the U.S.

Expand the marketing of Serosapse to Canada and Germany.

Expand Hyalolex and Serosapse to other countries (Colombia, Peru, UK…).

File clinical trials for Caesafin.

Commercialize two other products through medical dispensaries.


Goal: Continue expansion of sales and marketing

Obtain FDA approval of ANDA for Natrinol.

Introduce Natrinol and approach insurance companies for coverage.

Expand markets for Hyalolex, Serosapse and Caesafin.

Expand product portfolio and strengthen the brand.

Our Story


We were incorporated in 2005 as a Maryland, U.S.A corporation

Our filings are available free on .


In 2008, we entered the infrastructure industry in India with acquisitions of Techni Bharathi Private Limited (“TBL”) and Sricon Infrastructure.

Visit Techni Bharti Official Website here


In early 2009, we expanded into the commodity business trading iron ore, cement, aggregate, and other materials.


In late 2013 we expanded our infrastructure business into the U.S. targeting the cannabis industry. We evolved this business into cannabis-based pharmaceuticals.


Our team developed and filed the first patent for the treatment of pain.


Our team developed and filed a patent for treating epilepsy in cats and dogs.

Our team developed and filed a patent for treating eating disorders.

Our team developed and filed another patent for treating cancer and AIDS induced nausea, vomiting, and eating disorders.


Our team developed and filed another patent for treating seizures

In February 2016, we acquired Cabaran Ultima Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian real estate management company.

Ultima is an international real estate project management company with expertise in (i) building agro-infrastructure for growing medicinal plants and botanical extraction, (ii) construction of high-end luxury complexes such as service apartments, luxury condominiums and hotels, and (iii) design management of other large-scale infrastructure.


Our team developed and filed another patent for treating eating disorders.

We acquired an exclusive license to a patent filed by the University of South Florida Research Foundation entitled “THC as a Potential Therapeutic Agent for Alzheimer’s Disease”.


We are entrepreneurial, collegiate, data driven, analytical to the point that every thing is a model, serious about science, serious about helping people, and unrelenting in our pursuit. While, none of senior management has ever smoked weed, we are still very cool.



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